Pie In The Face Pie

Finally you can use the age old standard of ,a pie in the face, without the fear of injury. Hitting someone with a pie has allways been a dangerous bit of business. Now with "The Pie in Face Pie" most of thet danger is eliminated.

"The Pie in Face Pie" is a 10 inch soft foam pie crust that cushions the blow of being hit with a pie. This means that you can hit a little harder making the foam fly with visual impact. You can use any filling for the foam but we recomend shaving cream. Shaving cream cleans up easier and looks very good when it flys. "The Pie in Face Pie" can be cleaned with clear water and dried to be used over and over. Get one today and put that standard comedy gag in your show with out fear of injury.

Item #1252 - "The Pie in Face Pie" price - $25.00 + shipping

Click here to see a video of the Pie in the face

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